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Ssiblings at Games We Play

Meet Anna and Ivan Suvorov, and together they are Ssiblings. It's a music band that simultaneously won three categories at Cyprus Music Video Festival 2023 (Cult Awards).

They will perform on May 18, 2023, at Games We Play art exhibition organized by Deep Immersion.

So what does Ssiblings mean?

The guys answered: “We took the first letter of our last name, Suvorov, and added a word that reveals who we are to each other - siblings, i.e. a brother and a sister. As a result, we got a catchy stage name - SSIBLINGS.

“Every time we work together, we realize how much we complement each other in terms of experience and new ideas.”

Anna and Ivan were born in Moscow, but have been living and studying in Cyprus for 10 years.

You can listen to their music on all the main online platforms such as hashtag#Spotify, hashtag#Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, TikTok Instagram, and more.🎧

So when you create your next Stories on Instagram, try typing "Ssiblings" to choose the new soundtrack for your best memories.

🧨Btw, their composition Remember obtained the “Best Song” award, and “Fly Away” is their hot summer hit on Radio NRJ Cyprus.

Chat with Ssiblings and watch their live performance at our exhibition Games We Play at Art Studio 55 on May 18, 19:00.

📍Organizer: Deep Immersion.

The event is powered by Radio NRJ Cyprus🎶

Nicosia & Limassol 99.0 FM

Paphos & Larnaca 94.4 FM


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