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Radio NRJ Inspires Anthony Harold to write a book

Cypriot writer Anthony Harold spent last year writing his first science fiction book, The Closed Tunnel, in Limassol while listening to Radio NRJ. The music played by the DJs on 99.0 was so well suited to the rhythm of the fictional story that Anthony ended up creating a masterpiece.


🏆In 2023, the first ten pages of The Closed Tunnel were included in the Official Selection of Ink&Cinema (USA), and in 2024, Anthony landed a deal with Deep Immersion to publish this and four more books in his science fiction series. 


The Closed Tunnel will now be released in America and worldwide on October 8, 2024, with the publisher Deep Immersion. This is an achievement that would not have been possible without the continued support.


📻Anthony Harold commented: "Radio NRJ Cyprus are my friends whose music I recommend to anyone who wants to achieve their goals quickly and with the right energy. NRJ inspires, keeps you going when it's hard, helps you start your morning with the right attitude, and puts a positive charge in everything you do. This is a magical radio that is now my daily companion. There are many peaks ahead of me and I know I can reach them with the help of NRJ's musical vibes!”


The Closed Tunnel tells the story of secret underground cities (not just bunkers) connected by ancient tunnels beneath New York and other cities around the world. This action-packed sci-fi adventure takes place not in the future, but in 2022, and reveals the secrets hidden beneath our feet, creating a "wow" effect for readers.


The second book in the series will be set in the underground cities beneath Cyprus.


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