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EU Art Tour of Digital Di

Digital Di art tour, powered by Deep Immersion🚀

4 Shows in 4 Cities❤️‍🔥 Athens • Barcelona • Salzburg • Rome 🖤

Amazing international experience with Art Number 23 Galleries!

🐰All exhibitions will open at the same time, on April 28, with the artworks by Digital Di:

✨Don’t be so fake!

✨Beautiful Tragedy

✨F*uck you, honestly

✨I choose you, muffin!

More info will be available soon.

You may visit these galleries and buy digital posters by Digital Di for 400 euros each 😏

All artworks are going as limited printed posters in a collection of 10 each and accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity.

We’re soooo excited about this global expansion🍓


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