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Digital Di in Art Market Maganize

Digital Di, a renowned artist powered by Deep Immersion, is featured with her exclusive interview in Art Market Magazine Art Market Magazine #80🎉

This monthly edition is distributed worldwide to over 50K monthly readers by leading digital magazine platforms, available at Airports, Train Stations,, iOS, Google Play, PressReader, and hotels in the US and Europe.

Just look at this captivating cover and an article on 12 pages! This hashtag#magazine is not distributed for free but you can buy

or order a hard copy at MagCloud

As part of the collaboration and partnership with EBSCO Information service, the full content will be added to the archive data of Universities, Academic Libraries, and Public Libraries around the world. As a result, the content will be available for academic researchers, and lecturers at universities, and as material for teaching students around the globe.


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