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Deep Immersion lands five-book Deal with Anthony Harold

Deep Immersion has signed a publishing deal for a series of five sci-fi books with Anthony Harold, a writer from Cyprus (a country where Alex Michaelides was born and raised).

Editorial Director Elena Nazarova acquired world English rights. The first book, The Closed Tunnel, will be published on October 8, 2024.


The Closed Tunnel tells the story of secret underground cities (not just bunkers) connected by ancient tunnels beneath New York and other cities around the world. This action-packed sci-fi adventure takes place not in the future, but in 2022, and reveals the secrets hidden beneath our feet, creating a "wow" effect for readers.

In 2023, the first ten pages of The Closed Tunnel were included in the Official Selection of Ink&Cinema (USA).

Anthony Harold has a degree in physics and 15 years of experience in the space industry. He used his knowledge and two years of extensive research to find real but hidden facts about life underground and present them under the guise of fiction.

Harold commented: "While researching the US Lunar Program, I discovered a NASA patent for a machine designed by the Los Alamos Lab, the nuclear-powered Subterrene. It's a 'submarine' that moves UNDER the surface. From that moment on, I began to assemble a puzzle of real facts about the underworld to create a 'hard' sci-fi book that would be easy to read. This is my main goal, to make science fiction understandable and exciting for those who don't normally read this genre because of its complexity."

Nazarova added: "For over a year, I watched people react to some of the ideas in the book when Anthony talked about them. Each time I saw the fire in the audience's eyes and realized that this is a story that could touch generations and open people's eyes to the fact that we should look not at the stars, but under our feet. I am thrilled to finally have a publishing deal for five books in this series and to be a part of bringing the story of The Closed Tunnel to the world.


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