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Deep Immersion

Independent publisher of the sci-fi book series

About us

Deep Immersion (IBPA member) is a new independent sci-fi publisher that bridges two markets, the USA and Cyprus. We create, edit, publish, and market exclusively science fiction book series.

Deep Immersion is happy to make friends with anyone in the industry, from book bloggers to publishers to fellow authors.

We come from the arts industry and are still passionate about supporting artists and media events. No contradiction: we like to be unique, just like our artists and writers. Look forward to seeing how our deep immersion in science fiction will shape our art projects!

We support talents from Cyprus, including renowned artist Digital Di.


In May 2023, we organized an AR exhibition "Games We Play" with paintings coming to life that gathered around 1000 visitors. Our media partners included Radio NRJ Cyprus and Cyprus Mail. We also became the official art partner of The Night of The Ad Eaters in Cyprus, Cyprus Music Video Festival & Award, Cyprus Dance Film Festival & Award, Cyprus ComicCon 2023 and The Rooftop Bar Limassol Agora.

In 2024, we are partners of the new Cyprus Music Video Festival and Cyprus Fashion Video Festival.


We are eager to organize giveaways and fulfill ARC requests, but cannot currently accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors. Feel free to contact Editorial and Marketing Director Elena Nazarova with any ideas and queries!

first signed publishing deal

Release date: October 8, 2024

On February 12, 2024, Deep Immersion signed our first official publishing deal with Anthony Harold, an author of the upcoming sci-fi sensation The Closed Tunnel. This is the first book in a series of five, so there's a long, exciting journey ahead!


Anthony lives in Cyprus, home of Alex Michaelides (The Silent Patient), and has been fascinated by the secrets our planet holds since he spent 15 years working as a laser engineer for an aerospace company.

So what is The Closed Tunnel? It's a secret story about the events that took place beneath New York City in the year 2022. Yes, that's right, deep underground. Click the button below to visit the website dedicated to this jaw-dropping journey!

What alpha readers say about the book

Alexa Young, CA

“By the middle of the book, I literally couldn't breathe straight. I had to close it for a while and then open it again. I was afraid that together with my emotions, the characters and events from the pages would spill out into the real world. "

Morgan James, NY

"I don't usually read sci-fi because most books in that genre are pretty boring. But The Closed Tunnel is a whole new world that took me over the edge. I still don't know if it was all real or not."

Lisa Driver, MI

“I am so in love with the main characters that I can't get enough of them! I've already started rereading my alpha copy of for a second time. I'm noticing new details and layers of the plot. It's like The Closed Tunnel reveals its hidden secrets for me after a while. It's alive!”

Deep Immersion in pictures

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